First Transnational Coordinators Meeting of the VIPSKILLS project took place between 29th January and 2 of February 2018 in Cordoba (Spain).

The hosts of the meeting was UCO Coordinator, Antonio Rodero Serrano. Bialystok University of Technology was represented by the VIPSKILLS Project Coordinator, Dorota Krawczyk, while Vilnius College of Technologies and Design was represented by VTDK Coordinator Airida Tyliene, and PTIZB Polish Association by Nina Szklennik (photo 1). The meeting was also attended by four teachers of Spanish University involved in the project (photo 2).

The aims of the meetings were to study results and progress of Project Intelectual Outputs, analyze of last Summer School VIPSKILLS 2017 and discuss about improvements for next Summer School 2018. 

The next coordinator meeting will take place in April 2018 in Vilnius (Lithuania).